About our Merchants Association

We are a group of local property owners, business owners, and residents who have banded together in order to establish a Merchant Association on East 233rd Street and White Plains Road in the Wakefield and Williamsbridge neighborhoods of the Bronx.The Merchant’s Association aims for a cleaner, better cared for, more vibrant, more festive, greener, and safer neighborhood for residents and Bronxites alike to enjoy for years to come!

Sanitation & Maintenance

Sanitation by the city alone just isn’t enough. A BID in place will show that with personal  street cleaning, graffiti removal, potholes filled, tree branches removed, snow removal etc our entire district streets can be cleaner and safer for all.

5.28penn_recycle_litter_smallBeautification & Greenification

Imagine our district overflowing with more trees, flower boxes, planters, banners and decorations of all kinds throughout the year. With the city’s limited resources, we can make an immediate difference through the established Merchant’s Association. 5.28PlantersStreet-Scaping & Decorations

Did you notice our lighted decorations on East 233rd St and White Plains Road last holiday season? In order for our businesses to thrive during these most important months, our budget will provide the necessary funds to light up the streets and celebrate with each season and all annual holidays!

01.06 East 233rd and WPR InfoCommunity & Business Marketing & Promotion

The Merchant’s Association provides marketing services for our entire corridor of businesses including extensive tourism programs and promotion of local events-bringing people from around the city and around the world to shop in our most historic neighborhood. Wouldn’t it be great to have street fairs, theaters and movies in the park and street community events to bring our community closer together and celebrate local food, restaurants, music, the arts, holiday caroling and much, much more!

E233 Meet santa group shot 1Public Safety & Advocacy

Just look at the street lines. See any potholes? Bicycle lanes on both sides of the street at dangerous intersections? Or lack of bike lanes at all? Overall security initiatives such as security patrols, visitor assistance, or security cameras are also a part of the plan. Let us insure our kids get home safely by putting city and state advocacy initiatives into place and make our area safer than ever!

Security guard